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This was a homework task for school. Enjoy!
By the way a mocktail is a cocktail without the alcohol.

Tropical Mystery Mocktail Recipe


Pineapple Juice 50ml
Orange Juice 50ml
Lemonade 60ml
Cranberry Juice 50ml
1 Lemon


1. Put each ingredient into a measuring cup one at a time pouring it into    the glass one at a time. (Excluding the lemon)

2. Mix ingredients in glass.

3. Cut a quarter of the lemon and squeeze about 10ml into the glass.

4. Cut a thin slice of lemon and cut it in half then cut a slit at the bottom of one half.

5. Put half the slice of lemon on the side of the glass.

10/21/2012 16:15:04

Hi Daniel,
I really enjoyed reading your recipe on how to make a mocktail. I even tried making it myself; it was very nice and flavourful but it could've probably not needed as much or any lemon.

From Daniel


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